Friday, November 4, 2011

Stone Tiles: Which Texture Should You Use?

While deciding whether to go with the beauty and durability of stone tile for your kitchen or bath project, there are a few decisions left to make and a bit more information you'll need to make informed choices.

Here are the six most basic stone tile textures and what are the characteristics of each:

Polished stone tiles are shiny and the gloss helps bring out the inner beauty of the stone. The shiny surface comes not from something applied to the stone, but by manipulating the stone itself. This texture is most often used on countertops and walls, because though it doesn’t absorb moisture, it does get slippery making it a less-than-ideal choice for flooring.

Honed stone tile has an unglazed surface and less gloss than a polished stone. Since it has a more porous surface, it does present a duller (or flatter) appearance, but it's rough surface provides traction—making it a good choice for floors.

Tumbled stone tile has a slightly rough texture (it gets it when it is tumbled with other types of natural stone) to make it look slightly worn or weathered.

Sandblasted stone tiles have a slightly glossy finish on a textured surface. The sandblasting process can also etch designs and images in stone tiles.

Sawn stone tile has a unique surface made by using a “gang saw”-- a circular blade machine. Combining this technique with others like sandblasting can work together to create a truly one-of-a-kind tile.

Flamed stone tile is exposed to a very high level of heat, making the natural crystals in the stone literally explore leaving behind a textured surface. This type of stone tile is porous, making it a bit rough and adding some slip resistance.

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