Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Head: What Defines A Classic Kitchen?

In a recent industry design blog, designers were asked “What elements go into a classic kitchen design?” We agree with some of the responses designers contributed:

The finished kitchen design should feel timeless. True, no matter how tastes change, your new kitchen should remain beautiful, functional and should have no “era” that is noticeable. Classic never goes out of style. Use simple, but elegant cabinetry (anything overly carved could grow tiresome), rich colors for back splashes and countertops, flooring that is durable and of a material and color that will blend well with the elements in the kitchen that are likely to change over time--like the paint color. Go for subtle tones. Keep all lines clean, simple and elegant.

Use of basic shapes in the kitchen—Instead of ornate or angular, you and your designer should gravitate to “understated elegance” in all design elements. Plain does not mean boring.

We, at Amazing Spaces, LLC, would add that you and your designer should:
Choose the very finest materials --they not only hold up well, but remain beautiful. In the case of fine hardwoods, their beauty is often enhanced with time---and proper care.
Pick more neutral colors—making use of earth tones and rich beiges and creamy whites allow for drama to be introduced in other elements—perhaps darker cabinetry or a wood floor.
Go for luxury, not ostentation – Luxury lasts.

We at Amazing Spaces, LLC are kitchen designers who are not only aware of how your kitchen will look the day we finish it (welcoming, warm and functional as befits the heart of your home), but we keep our eye on the future as well. You should be able to make changes as your tastes develop without having to change the basic infrastructure of your kitchen and, should resale ever become an option, we want your kitchen to attract buyers that will love the space as much as you did.

If you are looking for a professional team to work with you on such a project, you can do no better than Jason Landau (an award-winning kitchen designer with a Masters degree in Architecture) and his team at Amazing Spaces, LLC. Please visit our website at or call us at 914-239-3725.

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