Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quantifying Taste...

A person's design aesthetic or "taste" is closely tied to emotion and translating those feelings into words becomes challenging when there are so many unfettered artful details bouncing around the imagination.  Add in memories and past experiences in spaces that one might want to re-create and communication really becomes murky. The first task in the process of creating or renovating a space often occurs well before the actual design work has begun; and that is simply defining what the finished space should look and feel like and then successfully communicating the concept to the designer.  When approaching any project, it is critical that everyone involved—clients, designers, and craftspeople—are working off the same vision and toward the same goal.   And that is why, of all the tools at our disposal today, one of the most critical is an item that you cannot buy at any hardware store.  In fact, you cannot buy it at all; it is free, on-line, and available to everyone... is a social media website designed specifically around interior design that offers a virtually endless reservoir of home-improvement and design inspirations.   One of’s benefits is that it helps close the conceptual gap between creative collaborators.  No matter what space you're creating or renovating, presents a wide range of styles, many with subtle shades of differences. provides endless inspiration and the virtual cork board on which to save, compare, live with, and share your ideas.  It would not be an exaggeration to describe as the Pinterest for interior design—only with’s single-subject purpose, you won’t be distracted by myriad other pretty pictures, click on a diverting link, and wind up admiring shoes for twenty minutes.  With tools like you can take your time honing in on the exact look that serves all your needs, as well as giving your designer a crystal clear concept of what you envision.  This makes budgeting much easier, and virtually guarantees that what you envision is what you will get. 

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There is a lot at stake in a remodeling job, financially as well as emotionally.  That is why Jason Landau  and his team at Amazing Spaces L.L.C. accentuates the value of collaboration with their clients, and one reason their clients love working with them.   Jason enthusiastically recommends checking out early in the design and interior space planning process.  Follow Jason's profile on to see firsthand his dazzling aesthetic and design contributions; you will quickly understand how easy and rewarding collaboration can be.  For more information visit the Amazing Spaces website at or phone Jason at 914-239-3725.

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